Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kitties at home

I spent the night at my parent's house a couple weeks ago and brought my camera along. Got some pretty cool pictures and vidoes! I'll post the videos later, since they take a while to upload. These are in completely random order hehe.

Emmy hiding out under my dad's concrete mixer. She's actually kinda on edge because my dad is mowing nearby. I was surprised she actually stayed there, though, since Squirt made a beeline to the opposite side of the yard once my dad started the mower.

Squirt found his Lucky prey. He is so fascinated with her and she won't give him the time of day.

Emmy on her throne. Well more like concrete bench, but it's her spot. She always sits there when she visits my parents.

This black blob is actually Lucky hiding in a bush. Probably hiding from Squirt.

Alien kitties! This is actually the same shot as above, but I zoomed in and used the flash. Go figure that it makes it darker WITH the flash!

A deer! Apparently Squirt found another thing he is terrified of - Deer.

Some indoor wildlife - my sister and my dad in their natural habitats.

Jessie showing off her haircut. She has bad arthritis and can't reach around to lick herself, so we take her the vet to get her summer shave hehe. She loves it.

Some more indoor wildlife. My mom doing the Vulcan greeting.

Emmy looking lonely. Or maybe she's scared because she's cooped up with the indoor wildlife while I'm outside.

Can you see my kitties waaaay out there? I sat in the middle of the yard and called to them and they came a-runnin' hehe.

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